By Blu Durham Works

Blu Durham Wine Crate Bike Basket

Have that European look and feel with this beautiful Blu Durham bike basket designed to look like a wine crate and made with all natural materials. Our Blu Durham Bike Crate features 1” leather buckled straps to attach it to your bike’s handle bars, a leather strap to fasten the lid down, and leather ties to hold the rolled up canvas lid open for larger items.

It comes dismantled, easy to assemble with just a few screws and its own tools, so no need to buy any. It takes less than 5 minutes to put together and is very easy to attach to the handle bars of your bike. It is made of solid wood, leather and cotton canvas.

Whether it’s an outing in the wine country or just a run to the store, this sturdy and well-made classic carrier is sure to grab attention.

This is my design that is made exclusively for me in China which is where most all wooden wine crates are made. This is handmade to my exacting standards.

The dimensions of our wine crate bike baskets  are 13″ wide x 11″ deep x 7″ tall


Our Blu Durham Bike Basket can be purchased at: